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Yogisha Tongue Cleanser - Stainless Steel

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Yogisha Tongue Cleanser - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tongue scraper for cleaning the tongue surface. The tongue scraper comes with a matching cotton bag for hygienic storage.

Tongue scrapers have been used by yogis for centuries as they are recommended by Ayurvedic health sciences to remove "ama" (tarnish) on the tongue.
In Ayurveda people know how important it is to use a tongue scraper, because ama (toxic waste products) come out through the tongue. When you sleep, these waste products and bacteria collect on your tongue, and you can especially see them in the morning. If you don't remove it, it will return to the digestive system and mouth.

The tongue scraper is a godsend, especially for people who suffer from a strong smelling breath! There are a lot of bacteria on the tongue, especially on the back part of the tongue, that you can't get rid of with a toothbrush and that often cause bad breath. You can remove these efficiently with a tongue scraper.

Benefits of a tongue scraper:

  • Good for your mouth health
  • Works against bad breath
  • Part of the traditional Ayurvedic morning ritual

Using a tongue scraper is very simple and takes little time. Make sure to scrape your tongue before brushing your teeth. In Ayurveda, tongue scraping is part of the morning ritual, but if you suffer from bad breath in the morning, it is also a good idea to do it in the evening.


  • stick out your tongue
  • Look at the deposit on the tongue before removing it. This can tell you a lot about your health.
  • Place the tongue scraper on the back of your tongue
  • Slowly pull the tongue scraper forward
  • Clean the tongue scraper with water
  • Repeat this a few times
  • Rinse your mouth with water
  • Clean the tongue scraper well before you put it away


Stainless steel

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