Find your soul-mat

In this handy overview you'll find all the properties of the different yoga mats, allowing you to quickly compare their price, material, dimensions, weight, and grip.

What you need to know before you start yoga

Yoga bag finder

Wondering if your yoga mat will fit into a bag you like and vice versa? One glance at our yoga bag matrix and you'll be sure!

Yoga mat rental

Are you a yoga teacher and are you organizing an event, retreat, or workshop at a location where no yoga mats are present? Buying yoga mats is sometimes unnecessary or too expensive for a one-time event. That is why we now also have yoga mats for rent at a very attractive price!

Are you taking good care of your yoga mat?

Ever nestled into child’s pose, taken a deep, cleansing breath, and smelled something…seriously off? That’s your trusty yoga mat. With regular use, it gets covered in dirt, oils, and—if you’re doing it right—plenty of sweat