Van Gogh and mental health: The Untold Story

Today we are fortunate to live in a world where mental health is today’s zeitgeist. Whilst it might not be a conversation we can always have easily with those around us, we are lucky that there are many places and people we can approach with this subject. 

We are Yogisha | Mother & Yoga Stories

Discover the faces behind Yogisha | Photo: Suzanne Trooster

Why yoga outdoors is good for you

What are the benefits of outdoor yoga and which poses do they include? | Outfit Photo: Prana Charcoal stripe

The story of yogi Laura

"Yoga has made me a lot more confident and it helped me overcome my fears. Yoga also shows me how strong my body is and what it can do for me."

Yoga with a bolster

Bolsters are a common and very versatile yoga prop. But, how do you use them and how do different bolster compare to one another? In this blog we help you find the perfect bolster for you!