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Partners of Yogisha

At Yogisha we believe in the power of collaboration. By establishing lasting relationships with teachers and studios, together we can ensure that yoga as a sport and spiritual practice continues to grow and the Yoga Community continues to grow. Interested? Then click here .


Our partners:


your.best.hour: Choose from over 200 lessons per week. From Hot to Yin. From Barre to Pilates. Online. In The Hague, Rotterdam & Utrecht.
for.all.kind: Beginner or advanced, we are here for everyone. Build your strength & fitness in a hot / power class. Or relax in a yin flow.
always.there: More than 50,000 people have already left a Balanzs class with more energy, more strength & a smile on their face.
kind.for.all: More yoga = more happiness. That's why we donate 1/3 of our profits to our Kindfulness Foundation.

You are welcome every day of the week in the atmospheric studio in the Country House in the City in the middle of Park Oog in Al in Utrecht for group lessons, private lessons or yoga therapy. The classes vary from intensive to very relaxing. There are also classes especially for women and people living with cancer. You are never too old, too stiff, too fat or too inexperienced to participate! www.yoganesh.nl


Connection with yourself: between your body, mind & intellect. But also connection with others, and with the world around you. We are proud to be able to offer space for yoga. Our classes are energetic and dynamic. Humor and fun take a big place, but there is also attention for relaxation and breathing. www.iyogautrecht.nl

A Yoga school where we seek deepening together in a mental and physical way. Yoga is much more than just the poses, although the poses can give us a lot. With physically intensive classes and meditative classes, we have a complete range in which everyone can find what he or she is looking for. www.yogautrecht.nl

At ALLYOGA everyone, from young to old and from beginners to advanced, can take yoga classes. The classes are very accessible, yoga is not about performance but about being self-conscious, each at his own level. At ALLYOGA there are different yoga forms to follow, of which Hatha Yoga is the founder. www.allyoga.nl


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