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Men's Yoga Socks

Yoga style

Yoga toe socks

Like bare feet - only better! Because your five toes are covered separately, your feet can move naturally and your toes can spread. This is better for your balance. Ideal for all barefoot activities. With and without anti-slip studs.

Yoga socks with grip

When you have cold feet it is nice to wear socks, but of course you don't want to slip on your yoga mat. That is why it is important to choose socks with an anti-slip sole, such as those from Toesox or Tavi Noir. This allows you to stand firm and stable on your yoga mat.

Hygienic alternative to bare feet

Do you prefer not to walk barefoot in the yoga, dance or pilates studio? Toesoxs are a perfect alternative! Because your toes are covered separately, you can move your feet in a natural way. Anti-slip soles ensure that you do not slip.