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Manduka X Yoga Mat 180cm 61cm 5mm - Magic

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Manduka X Yoga Mat 180cm 61cm 5mm - Magic
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The Manduka X Yoga Mat is a versatile yoga mat that performs well in both the yoga studio and the gym. The sturdy, textured material provides a lot of grip during yoga and prevents your hands or feet from slipping. With its 5mm cushioning and shock-absorbing material, the X mat provides good protection for your joints or back.

The mat is extremely durable and therefore very suitable for other work-outs. Because the mat is lightweight, it is easy to take with you to the yoga studio, gym, park, or wherever you go!

Size: 180cm x 61cm x 5mm
Weight: 1.7kg


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfort and cushioning for back, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors
  • Anti-slip ( dry grip )
  • Hygienic due to closed-cell structure
  • Made from non-toxic, eco friendly TPE
  • 100% latex free, safe to use for people with latex hypersensitivity

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Care instructions 

Clean the yoga mat with a damp cloth with water or a special yoga mat cleaner. Do not use soap. 


Since the beginnings of the Black Mat, Manduka has been inspired and guided by a responsibility to reduce global consumption by making better products that last longer. Manduka is also committed to finding sustainable product solutions. That is why they use recycled polyester, cotton, or other natural fibers for the production of all goods. These materials are environmentally responsible and kind towards your body.  

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