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FeetUp Headstand Trainer

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FeetUp Headstand Trainer
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With the FeetUp® Trainer you can practice inverted positions in a stable and safe way, without experiencing pressure on your neck or spine. Lifting to the headstand, for example, is very easy with the FeetUp, so everyone can also experience the advantages of the headstand as a beginner, also called the 'king of asanas'.
Even advanced yogis can deepen their yoga practice with the FeetUp® Trainer, which offers countless new and exciting ways to play around with inversions. With the FeetUp you can stay upside down for longer, and focus on train your abdominal muscles and balance.
The FeetUp include a large poster with more than 100 ideas for postures and flows on the FeetUp.

Made from curved beech wood and a soft vegan fake leather cushion, the FeetUp® Trainer provides an excellent base for your shoulders, resulting in maximum comfort and safety during the inversion.

Size (LxWxH): 64 x 40 x 40 cm
Maximum weight: 900 kg (tested by the Technical University of Braunschweig)


  • Stackable (saves space)
  • Developed in Germany and made in the EU
  • Safety above all
  • The frame is made of sturdy, curved beech wood
  • Anti-slip rubber caps under the legs for maximum stability
  • Three year warranty

Frame: beech wood, multilayer, made from one piece and lacquered
Cushion filling: recycled foam
Cushion cover: white fake leather (vegan)


In 4 steps to the headstand - Easy does it

Position 1:
Put the Feetup against the wall, and take a few breaths.

Position 2:
Put your head in the FeetUp, tilt the hips upwards and stretch the legs. Tip-toe closer to the FeetUp untill you're as close as possible.

Position 3:
Easy version: Raise the legs with a small sweep. The arms press in the wood and help you to rise up.
Moderate version: as with a roll forward, pull the knees very close to the chest. This requires balance, less strength.
Variant for advanced users: Stretch your legs and lift them with your bodystrength.

Position 4:
Stretch the legs up. Relax the neck. Calm and even breathing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Feetup as a beginner?
Yes. With Feetup we have developed a tool where everyone can reach the headstand. Originally, Feetup was even conceived as a beginner's tool. The positive feedback confirms again and again: with Feetup a headstand is child's play!

Is the Feetup safe?
Yes. Feetup's frame is made of layered birch wood that is curved from one continuous piece. This combination creates an extremely robust construction, stable and flexible at the same time.

How high is the maximum load capacity?
In a tax test at the University of Braunschweig, the FeetUo held a load of 900 kilograms.


The use of wood makes us dependent on a natural, regrowing source. For this reason, for every item sold FeetUp donates to "Trees for the Future" to fund the planting of one tree. In this way they contribute to the natural cycle of life together. Every FeetUp® Trainer is therefore a new tree.

5 stars based on 1 reviews
Aukje 03-11-2018

Een aanwinst! Mijn nek, schouders en rug willen min. 1x per dag op het bankje. Ruimte tussen de wervels, ontspanning en het effect van de omgekeerde houding zijn verslavend. Geen moeite meer met yoga routine.

5 stars based on 1 reviews