How to use a mala

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How to use a mala

A mala is not only a beautiful accessory but also a very useful tool for mediations. Learn more about how to use a mala and how to find your perfect one here.

What is a mala?

A mala is originally used as a tool to count mantras during meditation. Many people get easily distracted during meditation or lose count during mantra meditations. A mala can be a great help as a replacement for the counting of your mantras.

A mala is usually made with 108 beads, 1 guru bead, and a tassel. But there are also mala's that have less beads for shorter meditations.


Mantra meditation

A mala can be used for different purposes but counting matras during meditations, also known as 'japa meditation', is the most well known. To practice japa meditation you start by choosing a mantra. This can be a sentence, word, or sound. Anything goes as long as it fits you and your intention. Trust your intuition.

During your meditation you repeat your mantra and use the mala to count. Keep the mala in your right hand with the first bead next to the guru bead between your thumb and middle finger (don't use your index finger as it represents the ego). Every time you repeat your mantra you move a bead through your fingers, until you eventually reach the guru bead. This is a moment to pause and reflect, after which you turn the mala and keep going in the other direction. You don't pass the guru bead but go the opposite way. Repeat this process as many times as you like.


Choosing your mala

All Mala Spirit mala's are made with (half) gemstones and mineral, each with their own specific energetic characteristics. In our gemstone guide you will find more information about each of them. Choose a gemstone that fits your intention and trust your intuition. 


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