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    Yogisha - 15 / May / 2019

    Gemstone guide

    All the different gemstones have their own unique properties and can help you with different things in your life. Find out which stone suits you, your personality, and your goals in this blog!

    Aventurin has calming properties and can help releasing old emotions and thoughts. The stone can attract luck and prosperity and can help improving your self-confidence to start new things. 

    Blue Lace Agate is a grounding, stabilizing and protective stone. It can promote inner peace and helps you to solve negative energy and stress. The stone stimulates spiritual and mental growth by encouraging self-reflection and can help you take a step back and gaina fresh perspective. This allows you to speak from the heart and improve communication. 

    Carnelian evokes courage and self-confidence. In addition, the stone can boost creativity and energy and can stimulate you to pursue your goals and ideals. Carnelian is also linked to sexual passion.

    Citrine is a bright and warming stone that stimulates feelings of happiness and optimism. The stone can increase self-confidence, self-respect and individuality. Because citrine evokes energy and courage, it can be useful for dealing with depression or fears you have to overcome.

    Garnet is the perfect stone for crisis situations or when you feel stuck in life. The stone boosts your energy, perseverance, endurance, self-confidence, courage, and vitality. Perfect for when you need some extra power to work through some things in your life! In addition, garnet is a true love stone as it evokes passion and sensuality. 



    Labradorite is a spiritual and protecting stone. Because of its many colors, labradorite works with all the chakra's and can unite your energies. It can promote self-knowledge and helps you to stick to your guns in all situations. In addition, labradorite promotes concentration and peacefulness, which is useful in situations that are stressful or when you have to make tough decisions. 

    Lapis Lazuli has been a royal jewel since centuries. The gemstone can strengthen your intuition, wisdom, and insight, because of this Lapis Lazuli can provide support when going through depression or when you're feeling lose. In addition, the stone blocks negative energy and promotes feelings of caring and selflessness and is thus considered a true friendship stone!

    Moonstone has a strong connection with the moon and female energie. Because of these qualities, the stone is very suitable for women who are (trying to get) pregnant or anyone who is looking to connect with their feminine side. Moonstone has a very calming effect and can strengthen your intuition.

    Onyx is the stone of confidence and self awareness. The stone can help you to become aware of your patterns or habits and can give you the strength you need to change them. It's a stone that helps you to focus on your goals without being distracted by negativity or anger and can give you the power to get into action!

    Rose Quartz is a stone with a mild energy that can to open your heart. The stone promotes sensitivity, creativity, and romance and is a great stone to carry with you when you are feeling angry or bitter. The stone encourages you to open up and promotes feelings of love, for yourself and others. Rose quarts works on the heart chakra, and is a perfect stone for people who are experiencing difficulties in coming into contact with emotions they have tried to hide or ignore for a long time. 

    Smokey Quartz is purifying and grounding. This gemstone can help you in transforming negativity into something more positive and is great stone to carry with you when you are feeling stressed. Smokey quartz has a relaxing effect and can help you to focus on reaching your personal goals.

    Tiger Eye is a great stone to carry with you when you have to do something demanding or stressful, like a job interview or presentation. Tiger Eye promotes focus and intuition, helping you to make well-informed decisions. The stone also works on your inner eye, and can increase spiritual abilities. 



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