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YogaToes Toe Separators - Light Blue

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YogaToes Toe Separators - Light Blue

YogaToes® toe spreaders - yoga for your feet

These toe spreaders offer a simple and natural therapy for foot pain. They help to gently spread your toes and correct the position of your toes, promoting healthy feet. This also relieves any cramp in your feet and helps you gain more control over your feet, and thus more balance. This is not only very pleasant during yoga, but of course also in daily life.

Available in different colors and sizes.

Recommended by the doctor

Wearing shoes or high heels all day long requires a lot of your feet. Fortunately, weakened muscles become more flexible and resilient by placing your toes in a wider separated position. By regularly using YogaToes you can slowly correct the position of your toes, which promotes healthy feet. This strengthens your feet and blood circulation, which also improves your posture and balance.

How YogaToes work

YogaToes toe spreaders work by spreading and practicing the toes and muscles between your metatarsals. The patented design fits exactly between, above and under your toes to stretch them out carefully and extend them. All you have to do is wear them! YogaToes do all the work while you relax. A holiday for your feet!

We advise you to build up the YogaToes. First start with 10-15 minutes and slowly work up to 1 hour per day.

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