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Yogandha Post-Practice Oil - Relax

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Yogandha Post-Practice Oil - Relax

This full body yoga oil is called relax or pratistham dhehi (may I rest in that nourishment). The oil was formulated to deeply relax you after yoga practice or as needed.

You can use Yogandha Relax body oil in the shower or directly on the skin. Use this oil before or after yoga practice, or at the end of the day to relax and release tension. This ritual, called Gandha, is a moment of connecting with yourself.

Fragrance – Rich, deep, earthy, with a subtle sweetness. 

Lavender calms, providing a mild sedative quality to encourage deeper sleep
Famed for its cellular regeneration properties, Frankincense instantly relieves tension and is a proven skin-rejuvenator
Blue Chamomile encourages stillness and reflection and eases sleep
This blend also contains Petitgrain to soothe the nervous system, Clary Sage to re-balance the pituitary gland, and Vetiver which grounds and supports self-connection.



  • Contains 125ml, lasts about 6 months
  • Ethically sourced organic ingredients 


Ethically sourced and organic frankincense, blue chamomile, clary sage, vetiver, and vitamin e in sesame- and apricot kernel oil

Hand-made in Ireland.

How to use

Apply all over for an immediate and deep relaxation. High Frankincense content provides incredible skin-rejuvenating properties making this an anti-aging face oil. You can also use this oil in water and it turns a bath into a deeply hypnotic sleep-inducing ritual.


Yogandha donates 5% of profits to women for Women International. In addition, they use 100% natural organic ingredients, and source fair-trade where possible. All Yogandha products are completely free from animal products and are never tested on animals.
All packing is made of post-recycled material and is glue-free, so they are fully compostable

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