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Yogandha Post-Practice Oil - Detox

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Yogandha Post-Practice Oil - Detox

This full body yoga oil is called detox or om vajrasattva hum (mantra of purification). It was formulated to boost the bodies detoxing functions and helps you to process the toxins released through yoga practice. This oil clears and cleanses the body on every level after your yoga practice and is invaluable after any form of excess.

You can use Yogandha detox body oil in the morning, in the shower or directly on the skin. This ritual, called Gandha, is a moment of self connection before you start your day or at the end of a long day of work.

The fragrance - clear, refreshing and uplifting

Refreshing Lemongrass stimulates the kidneys and is thought to help lower cholesterol
Cleansing Juniperberry purifies and detoxes the body
Juniperberries are natures antioxidants
Sweet Fennel is a great digestive – so will ease tummies after eating


  • Contains 125ml, lasts about 6 months
  • Ethically sourced organic ingredients 


Ethically sourced and organic juniperberry, sweet fennel, lemongrass, orange, clary sage, patchouli, vitamin E in organic coconut and grape-seed oil.

Hand-made in Ireland.

How to use

Apply liberally & mindfully over any exposed skin at the end of class, or all over the body after bath or a home practice. Take your time applying the oil on parts of the body that are dry, or with which you feel less connected. This oil is also great to apply locally to belly & processing organs.


Yogandha donates 5% of profits to women for Women International. In addition, they use 100% natural organic ingredients, and source fair-trade where possible. All Yogandha products are completely free from animal products and are never tested on animals.
All packing is made of post-recycled material and is glue-free, so they are fully compostable

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