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Meditation Bench Balance Extra High

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Meditation Bench Balance Extra High

The meditation mushroom is a proven support for the meditation chair in a kneeling position. The shape is based on the no-nonsense design and clear lines of the Japanese Zen.

The meditation mushroom is made in a workshop for the disabled in the Black Forest with spruce and pine wood from sustainable cultivation in the Black Forest. The footrest has a generously cut phase at the bottom so that the meditation mushroom is more mobile and can be adjusted more flexibly to the anatomical alignment of the back and buttocks. Ideally, a feeling of floating is created when the back is held upright in its double S-shape without tensing the back muscles.

After manual grinding, the meditation mushroom is soaked in linseed oil, which gives the wood a pleasant scent and a durable surface.

For a comfortable seat and comfort for the knees and backs of the feet, we recommend a futon (also called zabuton in Japanese) as an ideal base, or a thick woolen mat that can be doubled with a folded yoga blanket.

Material: spruce, pine

Dimensions: seat 30 x 12 cm, front height 21.5 cm, backrest 23 cm, standard height

Weight: about 0.85 kg

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