Yoga mat rental

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Yoga mat rental

Are you a yoga teacher and are you organizing an event, retreat, or workshop at a location where no yoga mats are present? Buying yoga mats is sometimes unnecessary or too expensive for a one-time event. That is why we now also have yoga mats for rent at a very attractive price!

For the rental we use high-quality Studio Yoga mats. These are made of PVC and provide good cushioning and excellent grip. They are suitable for all yoga styles and very durable.
You can rent these yoga mats for any event from 10 pieces and up.

Rental prices

Rental price: € 4.00 per mat, per day

You can pick up the mats one day before use, and return one day after use. A standard rental therefore looks like this:

Day 1: collecting yoga mats
Day 2: use of the mats
Day 3: returning yoga mats

This is seen as one rental day. Renting for several days is possible for a surcharge of € 2.00 per mat, per extra day. All prices are excluding 21% VAT. You can pay afterwards through invoice or when returning the mats in the store.


You can easily collect and return the mats in our store in Amsterdam. The store is open from 11:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday and from 11:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays. Reservation for up to 20 yoga mats can also be collected and returned in our The Hague store. This store is open from 11:00 to 18:00 Monday to Saturday.

On request we can also send the mats to you by post. We will include a PostNL return label that you can use to send the yoga mats back to our store. To return the mats, stick the return label on the box and deliver it to a PostNL point.

Postal costs
up to 10 yoga mats: €20,00
11-20 : €40,00
21-30 : €60,00
31-40 : €80,00
41-50 : €100,00

Picking up the mats in our Amsterdam or The Hague store is always free.

Hygiene & Maintenance

The mats are carefully cleaned and we ensure that the mats are delivered clean and ready for use. They are delivered rolled up to you, tied together with a yoga mat elastic.
A large bottle of Manduka yoga mat cleaning spray is supplied with the rented mats. The mats should be cleaned with the cleaning spray and a damp cloth after use, after which they can dry in the air. After about 5 minutes you can roll them up and tie them together with the yoga mat.
Note: always roll the mats straight up, with the top to the outside! (I.e turn the mat first, with the top facing the floor, before rolling it up).

Making a reservation

To make a reservation or for further questions, please contact us via [email protected]

Would you rather buy it?

Would you rather buy the yoga mats? We offer attractive volume discounts for larger orders. This applies not only to mats but also to props, blankets, meditation cushions, and more! Please also inquire about the possibilities via [email protected] or check out our wholesale page.


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