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Critical Alignment Yoga Strip

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Critical Alignment Yoga Strip

Rubber strip for various applications, including support of the spine.
Indispensable for Critical Alignment yoga.

Size: 100 x 7 x 3 cm

What is a yoga strip?

A yoga strip is a sturdy, elongated, narrow cushion of rubber. You can fold the strip in half, making it thicker, or use it flat.
The strip serves to relax the back, neck, and shoulders and helps you to create more space.

How do I use the strip?

Generally you use the yoga strip from a lying position, with the strip flat or folded. You lower yourself slowly with your spine straight onto the strip, so that your shouderblades fall, as it were, on both sides of the strip. The strip gives light pressure on your spine and helps you relax and create space in your back.

By double folding the strip you increase the pressure. Make sure that the folded part of the strip is below your upper back, and your head is on the 'single' part.

While you are on the strip, relax your arms and breathe deep. You can experiment with lifting the pelvis to increase the pressure on the upper back.
Stay on the strip for about 10 minutes to give your body the chance to relax.


  • Reduce back and neck pain
  • More opening and softness in the back
  • Relaxation and reduction of stress
  • More space for breathing



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