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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 180cm 66cm 6mm - Float

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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 180cm 66cm 6mm - Float

The legendary Manduka PRO yoga mat has been known as the world's finest yoga mat for 15 years. There is a reason this mat inspires so many users. With its high density, thickness, unparalleled comfort and cushioning and sturdy anti-slip, this yoga mat takes your practice to a new level. And best of all, this really is a mat for life. The PRO is very durable and has a lifetime warranty.

The Manduka PRO is made of high quality, emission-free PVC with closed cell surface. This means that the surface of the mat is completely sealed so that no moisture and perspiration can get into the inside of the mat, making this mat very hygienic, even after years of use. Due to the high density of the mat, the PRO offers a firm, stable surface and good protection for your joints.

If you are looking for the best mat, which is considered the number 1 yoga mat by many yoga teachers worldwide, the Manduka yoga mat PRO is the right choice.

Size: 180cm x 66cm x 6mm
Weight: 3.4kg


  • Suitable for hot yoga (especially in combination with the Yogitoes Anti-Slip Towel )
  • Zero waste , sustainable yoga mat
  • Comfort and cushioning for back, hips, knees and elbows on hard subfloors
  • Non-slip, even with light perspiration
  • Stability on hard and soft subfloors
  • Oeko-Tex certified, emission-free production
  • 100% latex free, safe to use for people with latex sensitivity
  • Superior longevity and lifetime warranty

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Use and maintenance

This sturdy mat is resistant to wind and weather and can be used in all conditions. Furthermore, the Manduka PRO is very easy to maintain. To clean the mat you can use water or, for a deeper cleaning, the Manduka Mat Wash. Never immerse the mat in water, do not take it with you in the shower, and do not put it in the washing machine.

The surface of the PRO mat becomes rougher the more it is used. If it is a bit slippery in the beginning, you can scrub the mat with sea salt before the first use.
Sprinkle the mat liberally with salt, rub it in and let it sit for 24 hours. The next day you can remove the salt and the mat is ready for use.
This process is not always necessary but depends on personal preference.


Since beginning with the first Black PRO Mat, Manduka has been inspired and guided by a responsibility to reduce global consumption by making better products that last longer. Manduka also strives to find sustainable product solutions. That is why they use recycled polyester, cotton or other natural fibers for the production of all products. These materials are ecologically responsible and kind to your body.


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