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Trigger Point Massage Balls

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Trigger Point Massage Balls

With massage balls you can perform acupressure massage and trigger point release yourself. By rolling over the balls or moving the balls with your hands over your body you can help relieve tensed muscles, relax knots, and bring more space and relaxation into the body.

By lowering your weight on one or more balls to a sitting or lying position and moving your body mindfully over the balls from here, you can give different parts of your body a deep massage. Examples are your back, shoulders, buttocks and leg muscles, or under your foot.

This set contains 3 balls of different hardnesses.
gray - hard / green - medium / blue - soft.

Size: 6cm diameter


  • Massage balls for the relief of muscle pain, muscle knots, and cramping
  • 3 different hardnesses
  • In handy case


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0 stars based on 0 reviews