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Jade Voyager Yoga Mat 173cm 60cm 1.5mm - Midnight Blue

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Jade Voyager Yoga Mat 173cm 60cm 1.5mm - Midnight Blue
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The Jade Voyager Yoga Mat is an extra thin version of our best-selling natural rubber yoga mat, the Jade Harmony. This mat is super lightweight and foldable, so it fits in every bag and is perfect for traveling. You can use this mat on its own, or place it over another mat in your yoga studio for extra padding.
Because of the open cell structure of this yoga mat you can say goodbye to slipping hands and feet. The superior quality rubber used for the production of the Jade yoga mat offers the best grip, even with perspiration. All Jade yoga mats are produced with the utmost care for the environment. They only use natural, sustainable tapped rubber and the entire production takes place in the US. In addition, one tree is planted for each mat sold!

Size: 173cm x 60cm x 1.5mm
Weight: 0.7kg


  • Lightweight rubber yoga mat
  • Foldable
  • Super firm grip, even with perspiration
  • Environmentally produced

Natural rubber, free of PVC or other harmful substances

Jade mats are 99% latex free, and safe for most people with latex hypersensitivity. In case of a very severe allergy, contact with the mat is not recommended.

Care instructions

For the cleaning of a rubber mat we recommend the special Manduka Natural Rubber Mat Wash. These sprays are mild for your yoga mat and are free of phosphate, alcohol, and bleach. They contain vinegar for disinfection and maintaining the color of your yoga mat, and essential oils with antibacterial and therapeutic properties.
With rubber mats it is very important to keep them away from sunlight, both directly and indirectly. The UV radiation in sunlight affects the rubber and causes it to discolour and dry out. In addition, it is also wise not to expose your mat to extremely high temperatures.  


JadeYoga works with Trees for the Future and plants a tree for every Jade yoga mat that is sold. More than two million trees have already been planted!
The mats are made entirely from sustainably tapped rubber, this is a natural, self-regenerating raw material. All Jade mats are produced in the US where employees receive a fair wage and good working conditions.

5 stars based on 1 reviews
Kaizel 08-05-2020

Even though it is very thin, i am very happy with this mat because the grip is perfect in dry situations. I can do downdog and not slide at all. I can put my elbows and arms for forearm stand and I am just locked in place. I have sweaty hands and feet and when I do downdog it slowly slides but not 'as much as' when im on a Manduka EKO superlite. If i compare this to a manduka EKO superlite, i would choose this instead. I also have a Manduka Equa towel to put on top of the mat for sweaty situations and it works really perfect.
This Jade yoga mat is foldable and I am happy that I can put it in the bag... not sure how long the rubber smell will stay but i don't mind it all. They said it is an open cell surface which is prone to bacteria, just make sure you clean it once a week or as per product instructions. I am very happy with the staff of the shop for helping me choose the right product. If you really have sweaty hands like hyperhidrosis like I have, this is not as bad as you think... it is still managable.

5 stars based on 1 reviews