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Yoga Swing - Turquoise

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Yoga Swing - Turquoise

Improve flexibility, back pain, and endurance with the Yogaswing. After 20 minutes of stretching and inversions you'll feel revived and full of energy again.
There is an infinite amount of yoga poses possible with the yoga swing and it is a fun, challenging way to add something new to your yoga practice.

Size yoga swing: 2.5 m long and 1.5 m wide.
Each yoga swing includes a free set of adjustment straps.

Each yoga swing is handmade and made from the highest quality nylon (parachute) fabric. It is packaged in a handy bag and weighs only 1.5 kg. The yogaswing is easy to clean in the washing machine and with normal use will last you at least 5 to 10 years.

Installation tools

The yoga swing has hooks that can be attached to eyebolts in the ceiling. The eye bolts are not included. With a wooden ceiling or for a beam you need 8mm eyebolts of 8cm long (see photo 1). With a concrete ceiling, you need both clamp- and eye bolts (see photo 2), plus a hammer drill for drilling the hooks. These can be found at your local DIY store.

Photo 1


photo 2



Select a safe place on you ceiling or beam of 70 to 80 cm wide (no more or less) for two attachment points, plus at least 1 meter of space in all directions so that you can move freely in the Yogaswing (more is better).

To install

Step 1: The two black nylon ropes that came with the Yogaswing are part of the adjustment system. Measure 220/240 cm from the floor to create a good height for your Yogaswing and the adjustment system.

Step 2: There are 10 different levels/heights where you can hook the yogaswing's hooks. Depending on the exercises you are going to do, you decide the right hight and adjust the yoga swing higher or lower. The seat and the hand/foot supports do not have to be hooked on the same level and it is also possible to choose a different level of left and right, to be able to vary even more.

Step 3: A good height for the seat of your Swing is 15 cm below your hip.

NB: we recommend that you always try out one inversion, to test if there is at least 10 cm of space between your head and floor, before you start this exercise full of enthusiasm.

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