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Yoga Mat Rental

Are you organizing an event, retreat, or workshop at a location where no yoga products are available? Purchasing for a one-off is sometimes unnecessary or too expensive. That is why we also have yoga products for rent at a very attractive price!

Rental yoga mats

For this we use our high-quality studio yoga mats. These are made of PVC and provide good cushioning and excellent grip. They are suitable for all yoga styles and very durable.

Rental price: €5.00 per mat, per day

Rental yoga blocks

For this we use our cork yoga blocks. These are light, sturdy and offer good grip.

Rental price: €2.50 per block, per day


Rental meditation cushions

For this we use our own brand of meditation cushions. These buckwheat-filled cushions are made in the Netherlands, very durable and sturdy.

Rental price: €5.00 per pillow, per day


Rental yoga blankets

For this we use our own cotton yoga blankets. They are soft and nice and big and also offer good support when rolled up.

Rental price: €5.00 per blanket, per day


Rental yoga bolsters

For this we use our yoga bolsters with kapok filling. These are not too heavy, but still sturdy and are suitable for all forms of yoga.

Rental price: €5.00 per bolster, per day


Rental eye pillows

For this we use our own brand eye pillows. They are filled with lavender for the relaxing scent, and linseed for a relaxing feeling on the eyes.

Rental price: € 2.50 per eye pillow, per day


Rent other yoga products

Are you looking for other products? Mail us at [email protected]


Accrual rental day

You can pick up the products one day before use, and return them one day after use. So this looks like this:

Day 1: pick up
Day 2: use
Day 3: return

This is seen as one rental day.

Renting for several days is possible for 50% of the rent per unit, per extra day.

All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT. Payment is made by invoice.


You can pick up and return the products in Amsterdam by appointment. For quantities up to 10 pieces, you can also visit one of our other stores.

We can also send the products to you by post. It will be shipped with return labels that allow you to return it to us yourself. The products must be delivered by yourself to a PostNL point before being returned.

Shipping costs (round trip)
10 products: €15.00
11-20 : €25.00
21-30 : €35.00
31-40 : €45.00
41-50 : €55.00
50 or more: price on request

The products can also be delivered and collected by courier. The costs for this within Amsterdam are €75. Outside Amsterdam the costs are on request.

All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Hygiene & Maintenance

The products are carefully cleaned and we assure you that they are delivered clean and ready for use. Yoga mats are delivered to you rolled up and must also be returned neatly rolled. All products must also be returned clean. If this is not the case, a cleaning fee will be charged. Additional costs will also be charged in the event of damage or missing products.

NB. For hygiene reasons, it is not allowed to use the products outside!

To reserve

To make a reservation or for further questions, please contact us [email protected]

Prefer to buy?

Would you rather buy the products? We offer attractive volume discounts on larger quantities. Also inquire about the possibilities via [email protected]