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Pyramid Meditation Timer - Cherry Wood

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Pyramid Meditation Timer - Cherry Wood

This Pyramid Gong Timer was specifically developed for the practice of meditation.

In its basic version the Pyramid meditation timer enables you to practice to the sound of the gong or bell without thinking of time. 3 chimes will signal the beginning and the end of your session. Moreover, you can, if you wish, set the timer so that a chime is played at regular intervals to bring your awareness back to the present moment or to give you the opportunity to alternate different exercises or objects of contemplation.

The wooden part of the Meditation Timer pyramid is entirely handmade of solid wood. It is built to the exact proportions of the Kheops pyramid, which Feng Shui specialists consider a source of powerful energy and stability. It measures 5.3 inches (13.5 cm) along its base.

This Pyramid timer is made of wood from wild cherry trees.
The sound of the Meditation Timer is that of a Tibetan "singing bowl", which has been digitally recorded for the purest quality.

Discreetly placed under the pyramid, an LCD screen and soft-touch buttons make the setting of your selections both simple and extremely precise.
You can set up the following:

  • Total duration of the session (up to 3 hours)
  • Duration of the intervals
  • A choice of 4 different sounds (dordje, bell, low-pitched or medium-pitched gongs)
  • Volume (from 1 to 10).


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