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Meditation Cushion Half Moon - Orange

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Meditation Cushion Half Moon - Orange

This cushion in the shape of a crescent moon has a slightly curved shape with a slightly sloping seat. The pelvis therefore automatically obtains the correct slope angle for a straight lower back. The upper legs are therefore extra supported and the feet get more space.
The cushion has a handle that makes it easy to carry. 
The height of the cushion is about 13 cm at the back.


  • Half moon shape
  • Filled with buckwheat chaff
  • Made of very strong, wear-resistant cotton
  • Fine inner cover with zipper
  • Ethcially produced in the Netherlands

The Yogisha meditation cushions are made of a super strong, wear-resistant natuurlijk cotton. The cushions are filled with buckwheat chaff, a relatively light but sturdy natural material. In the outer cover there is an inner cover made of a finer cotton, so the pillow does not leave dust on the floor.

Both covers are provided with a zipper. Refilling super easy: just open the two zippers. There are also separate refill bags with buckwheat chaff for sale at Yogisha. The outer cover is (hand) washable.

Our meditation cushions are handcrafted in an ethical and sustainable way in The Netherlands. They are of excellent quality, carefully finished, and produced with locally sourced raw materials. This makes our meditation cushions somewhat more expensive than most meditation cushions that you find online, which are mostly imported from India. At Yogisha we try to source as many products as possible close to home. With this we can guarantee the quality and we put as little pressure the environment as possible.


100% cotton inside and outside cover. Filled with buckwheat chaff.
Ethically produced in the Netherlands.

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