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Manduka eQua Yoga Mat 173cm 61cm 4mm - Ashley Mary

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Manduka eQua Yoga Mat 173cm 61cm 4mm - Ashley Mary

Soft, absorbent, durable and above all super grippy ! This limited edition Equa Yoga Mat combines the best of both worlds to form the perfect yoga mat for more intense yoga forms or hot yoga.
The mat consists of the 4mm eKO lite natural rubber yoga mat as under-layer, this gives cushioning to your body and ensures that the mat does not shift on the floor, and the soft micro-fiber eQua towel with moisture activated grip as top layer. This means you never have to worry about sliding hands or feet in your down-dog, or moving towels! This allows you to fully focus on your practice.

This special mat is printed with art made especially for this mat by artist Ashley Mary who makes beautiful, lively artwork that revolves around composition and color. The eQua yoga mat is available in a very limited edition and  available exclusively at Yogisha in the Netherlands.

The eKO yoga mat is eco-friendly and made of biodegradable natural rubber that has not been harvested from the Amazon. Furthermore, this yoga mat is completely free of toxic substances and plastics. It represents the future of the environmentally friendly yoga mat: the mat that is produced without environmental pollution and at the same time makes a lasting impression in the yoga school.

How do I clean the mat? Easy does it! You can simply put the yogamat in the washing machine. Wash the yoga mat on a cold program with similar colors and mild detergent, then hang out and let it dry.

Size: 173cm x 61cm x 4mm
Weight: 2kg


  • Provides unparalleled grip, even with perspiration
  • Made of biodegradable natural rubber
  • The ultimate combination of cushioning and grip
  • An eco yoga mat free of PVC and toxic plastics
  • Available in a limited edition, with art created especially for this yoga mat
  • 99% latex free, safe for most people with latex hypersensitivity
  • All post-industrial waste has been carefully collected and used in the production of other materials, making one zero waste production chain.


Since the beginnings of the Black Mat, Manduka has been inspired and guided by a responsibility to reduce global consumption by making better products that last longer. Manduka is also committed to finding sustainable product solutions. That is why they use recycled polyester, cotton, or other natural fibers for the production of all goods. These materials are environmentally responsible and kind towards your body.  

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