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Mala Spirit Roots Bracelet

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Mala Spirit Roots Bracelet

The 'Roots mala bracelet' is made from Rudrakshas, ​​interspersed with various Leopard Jasper and Lava beads.

Leopard's Jasper reduces anxiety and gives us the self-respect and stamina to turn ideas into action.
Lava has a grounding effect and discharges surplus energy, the stone brings us, as it were, to the core of things. Lava gives us courage and energy for fruitful change.

One size, strung on durable elastic
Size Rudraksha: 7 mm

This unique piece of jewelry is lovingly handmade and blessed by Aum Rudraksha Designs in Bali. The products are authentic, sustainably harvested, honestly traded and ethically produced.


The name 'Rudraksha' derives from Hindu mythology and means the tears of Shiva. God Shiva meditated on the well-being of mankind, which caused tears of sympathy to arise. The tears crystallized after hitting the earth and changed into Rudraksha's. Since then, they are sacred berries for the Hindus and are often used to make Malas.

Rudrakshas are rare and costly. 
For many centuries they have been spiritually worn and used for puja and meditation by Hindus and Buddhists. Rudraksha beads are considered very sacred and healing in their effects on the owner or user. In the Vedas, Rudraksha's are also mentioned as an Ayurvedic medicine in addition to their use in Malas.


Wash the mala occasionally with water and natural soap to remove dirt and dust and rub them with natural oil. They will darken naturally in the course of time. This is the desired effect, since the natural (body) oils penetrate into the Rudraksha's and they thereby become stronger. Therefore, wear the beads as close as possible to the skin.

If you do not want to wear the mala, keep the rudraksha mala in the storage bag supplied by us and place it in a special, clean and preferably sacred space. Keep the mala off the ground and incense the mala especially if it is not used for a long time.


The mala's are ethically and sustainably produced in Bali. The production offers a large number of jobs to the local population. Employees receive not only a fair salary, they also share 10% of the profit.
The process is sustainable and fair, from the planting of the Eleacarpus (Rudraksha) trees on sustainable plantations in Southeast Asia and the harvesting of the Rudrakshas to the manufacture of handmade jewelry. It is important to note that the Rudraksha trees donate new Rudraksha's every season and that no trees are lost for making the Malas.

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