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Gert van Leeuwen - Handboek Critical Alignment

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Gert van Leeuwen - Handboek Critical Alignment

Critical Alignment Yoga throws a surprising new light on yoga. Yoga teacher Gert van Leeuwen connects yoga with medical thinking, meditation and psychology in his workbook. Critical Alignment is a well-founded method to learn to break through negative preferential postures and movements as well as negative thought patterns, caused by the build-up of chronic stress, among other things. This can be of great value in preventing and resolving all kinds of physical and psychological complaints, for example problems with the musculoskeletal system, anxiety and depression. It is also helpful in developing a light, agile and open body posture, and thus this method can make a major positive contribution to the quality of aging.

This revised edition deals with all exercises in word and image with great precision, a step-by-step plan to a meditative higher consciousness, eleven connections to build the postures and the use of postural muscles versus movement muscles; finally, the book provides a complete didactic method for teachers and practitioners to put together extremely thought-out lessons.

'Linking modern insights to the traditional way of practicing yoga: that is what Gert van Leeuwen does. His Critical Alignment is therefore innovative and particularly beneficial.' - Yoga Magazine

NB: written in Dutch!


  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • With illustrations
  • Dutch

ISBN: 9789401302586

About the author

Gert van Leeuwen has been practicing and teaching yoga since the 1980s and lives on one of the Amsterdam islands. In addition to his yoga studio (www.criticalalignment.nl), he spends his free time with the boat, Volvo and girlfriend; in random order. He teaches people from all walks of life, classes, ages and levels, in the Netherlands and many other countries, and he makes sure to stand on his head every day for 20. Yoga Critical Alignment was published in 2010; a standard work on yoga, which has now been translated into several languages.

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