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A Beautiful Story Honor Gold Bracelet - Carnelian

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A Beautiful Story Honor Gold Bracelet - Carnelian

The Honor Gold Bracelet from A Beautiful Story is made of brass, glass beads, and contains small carnelian charms. The bracelet is made on cotton thread and has a cotton slide lock to adjust the size of your bracelet.

Carnelian is courageous and creative. Don't know where to start? Carnelian goes with you and shows you the way.

Gemstones are a natural product. Each gemstone is unique. Therefore, it may happen that the color of your jewelry is different from the photo.

About 'A Beautiful Story'

Once upon a time there was a small fair-trade silver factory in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Let's go back to the year 2005. In that year, about twenty silversmiths worked in the factory, all of them craftsmen who made the most beautiful jewellery. Dambar, the owner of the factory, wanted more customers for his products so that he could provide continuous work for his silversmiths. That message reached Cathelijne Lania, the founder of A Beautiful Story.

In collaboration with A Beautiful Story, this small silver factory has been expanded. The jewelry is designed in the Netherlands and produced in Kathmandu, where employees receive fair wages, many career opportunities, and good working conditions.

Sustainability and Fair Trade

A Beautiful Story would like to help make the world a bit more beautiful. That is why they consider the impact on the world around us in everything they do. Sometimes that is quite difficult, because the products are made in countries that are very far away. Then the jewelry comes to us by plane. Not really environmentally conscious… Nevertheless, A Beautiful Story chooses this because their heart lies with the people in developing countries, who do have an enormous amount of talent and craftsmanship, but do not always get the chance to find their way to the market.

That is why A Beautiful Story focuses on fair trade, in short, creating opportunities for producers in an economically difficult situation. They try to solve the other dilemmas that this entails, such as the impact on the environment, as well as possible.

From the very first moment, A Beautiful Story acts according to fair trade criteria. They consider it very important that every employee in the chain earns a fair living for his work. Fair trade or fair trade promotes sustainable development in international trade, especially in exports from poor countries to rich Western countries.

A Beautiful Story is officially certified by the World Fair Trade Organization, see www.wfto.com. This way, our customers and visitors don't just have to believe us 'on our blue eyes', but can rely on an official body that carries out checks.

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